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Who needs friends when you have enemies like these…

So after the sad news from last week we never really got around to covering the launch of #iPhone4S and #iOS5. I have previously prattled on at great length about new Apple product launches (much to the chagrin of some) and identified their features, what they’ll do, how they’ll make a difference etc etc etc, and although the 4S is more than just an update (which is what many people will see it as) I think its probably best for me to direct you to the appropriate area of the Apple website. And say that Siri and the camera look AMAZING. Oh, and the Notification Centre looks REALLY useful. As does the Reminders lists. But thats it. I’m shutting up about its features now. But iCloud will really change the way we operate. Thats it now.

Should be released in the UK in the next few days.

Intentional Enemies

A small story that I spotted this morning was from The Next Web – it was about the launch of the 4S in Sydney (I promise this isn’t more about it) and more specifically Samsung’s interesting tactics to divert some attention. Samsung set up a pop-up shop just a few metres from the Apple store and started selling their Galaxy SII handset for on $2!! This marketing ploy was designed to undermine the Apple launch, and while queues were certainly longer for the Samsung offer, the stand will only be there for one week so I don’t think it will make much difference in the long run. Just a bit sneaky and underhanded and doesn’t really make me want to buy a Samsung. More harm than good?

Unintentional Friends

Although Samsung certainly intended to damage the launch of the iPhone 4S, Blackberry certainly didn’t intend to help it. But help it they did. We have already discussed on this blog the annoying effect of having a network fail, but in this instance it wasn’t the networks fault, it was RIM themselves that had an unexpected problem with their servers which meant that Blackberry users experienced problems with messaging and emails for 36 hours!! This has coincided perfectly with the iPhone fanfare, so it couldn’t have come at a worse time for RIM. They didn’t help themselves by being incredibly bad at communicating the  problem to users – they put out one tweet in the first 12hours and then one email 24 hours after that. Not good enough Blackberry.

Embarrassing Frenemies

Along with the Blackberry downtime happening soon after the Apple launch, it was also during the T3 awards, which lead to further embarrassment as the Blackberry Bold 9780 won the ‘Work Gadget of the Year’ award. Unfortunately you couldn’t use your award winning gadget during the ceremony because your service was down!

Another winner from the night was Samsung (they must have felt pleased) with the ‘Phone of the Year’ award! Well done to them with their Galaxy SII phone, launched less than 6 months ago, which beat the iPhone 4, launched 18 months ago. A great victory!

Honestly, I’m not an iFanboy, I just think Samsung have had some hollow victories this week. When Apple do something crap I am the first to shout about it!

Have a great week folks!

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