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Thoughts on design and on getting a good brief

Today I was reminded of the importance of the client creating a detailed brief when it comes to design of any kind:

A solid logo design brief ensures that no time is wasted, and that you receive targeted logo options as soon as possible. The logo brief also helps me focus my attention on the areas that best serve your business, making you much happier with the final result.

When you’re dealing with a graphic or logo design project, it’s vital to write a detailed design brief at the very beginning. There are two main reasons for this:

Firstly, it ensures that you, as a business owner or in-house manager know exactly what you want to achieve from your project.

Second, the brief acts as a point of reference for designers, giving them key points to focus on.

David Airey

It mostly reminded me to push (gently) for a decent brief, to do my research, to think of the target audience and to spend the time needed to really understand the the thing you are promoting (whether it’s a compnay or a product). Simple really but it’s easy enough to get carried away and neglect one or two of those points.

It’s often all to easy to jump head first in to designing with too little time spent doing the thinking, planning and listening that allows your design to set itself apart from the rest.

A brilliant simple logo design, is often brilliant because it’s no so simple after all. It’s been crafted from careful planning, there’s nothing worse than a logo with a pointless swish or reflection (something which these days seems to be very passe indeed).

So I’m heading back in to design land on some different freelance projects, which seem to be in Twenty3design’s headlights, with a revitalised focus and an appreciation of the fine details.

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