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T3d iPhone Theme 1.0

Introducing the Twenty3design iPhone theme.
This is our first attempt at creating a theme, and thought why not start with a version of the T3d website.
The theme comes with a collection of icons from iphone themes DEEP and iWoodREALIZE (the ones we like the best), with our additions for the standard dock.

You’ll need a jailbroken phone and I recommend installing the WinterBoard theme manager.
Expect to see more themes here…I think I’m addicted!

To install the theme:

1. Connect to your phone using SSH (Use an FTP client like Cyberduck) from your Mac or PC.
You will need some info to do this:

  • Your phone’s IP address (On your phone, go to Settings > Wi-Fi > (Little arrow next to your wi-fi network))
  • Use ‘root’ and the username and ‘alpine’ as the password.

2. Next, from the root of your phone go to Library > Themes.

3. Now copy the T3d folder into that themes folder. Once it has copied over, click on Winterboard and select the theme. Go back to home, wait for the spinny thing to stop spinning, and it’s done!

Click here to get the download -> T3d iPhone Theme

The Author

Liam Faulkner


    Weigh In